Why are we doing this, Dean...?
Because! It's going to be fun! Just chill, Cas.
I don't understand...
What is there not to understand?
How is this fun? We have more important things to do...
Just trust me on this, Cas.
-sigh- Fine.

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-Tilts his head slightly and blinks.- She seems very defensive, Dean. That’s how you get when you’re nervous or lying. 
!! -Gives Cas a bit of a look, pursing his lips.- Well, I don’t think she’s lying… So maybe she’s nervous. Doesn’t want to think of that kind of think happening with her angel?
Or perhaps she is nervous because she hasn’t admitted her feelings to herself yet. 
Eh… It makes sense. Shit, I got like that, didn’t I?
You did, yes. Particularly when Sam made…jokes. It was very confusing. 
At least I got myself sorted out though. Though Sammy still cracks his jokes every so often.
Does he? -Turns to Deana.- I hope that you get…yourself…sorted out. 
Sometimes. -Shrugs.- Not as heavily as it was though. -Looks to Deana.- It’s easier when you’re alone. Try to get her a phone? That’s how I admitted to Cas, over text. Kind of a bitch move, yeah, but it was how I was able to do. Ease yourself into it. This is something you don’t want to jump into head first.
I didn’t find it to be a problem that Dean admitted his feelings over the phone. I know that he has trouble with words and it helped him be able to sort them out more easily. Also he came back very soon afterwards. If you were to do this I would recommend being near because when are done discussing things she may want to see you. And he is right about not…jumping head first into things. She will likely be unsure about what is expected of her. 
But don’t call her to come to you after you do it. Let yourself just meet with her, whether it takes five minutes to get there or not. The time that it took me to get back to the motel was enough time for me to finish thinking over what I’d said to him.
-Nods- That seems like enough for now. 
-Furrows his brow and looks at Dean.- I don’t like where this is going, Dean…She has an angel of her own… 
-Shrugs slightly.- And maybe she wants to get with that angel like I’ve gotten with you? Seriously, Cas. Think of the bond we share. If she’s just a chick me with a chick version of you, what exactly could go wrong? What if it fits?
That wasn’t what she was projecting. -Looks at her curiously.- But you may be right that it is what intended, even if she was unaware. 
And if her intentions are otherwise? I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t try to act out if neither of us consented to it. C’mon, really? She’s a chick version of me. If I wouldn’t do it, why the hell would she?
-Frowns, looks between them.- I know she wouldn’t. Are you going to answer her question so that she may decide how she feels about her own…me? 
She probably knows how she feels ‘bout ‘er. -Turns to Deana with an arched brow.- It’s fuckin’ great. I’ve had some of the best sex of my life with Cas.
-Gives a small, proud smile.- 
-Casually wraps an arm around his shoulders and gives him a soft kiss on the cheek.-
-Leans against him and looks up, kissing him lightly on the lips.- 
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Very regularly. 
Some days more often than others… I guess we kinda fuck like rabbits?
No…Dean, rabbits have intercourse in the same position every time. We rarely do. 
Cas, they fuck a lot was what I was getting at.
Oh…They also are very quick about it. There is little foreplay involved and they don’t seem to last as long as you do. 
… Again, not the point. They fuck a lot.
I just think that it is very inaccurate to compare our sex life to that of a rabbit’s. Our’s is much better. 
Fuck, Cas, you take it too seriously.
I’m just telling you facts, Dean. 
And you’re making it far more complicated than it needs to be. People use the stupid analogy all the time.
I’m not making anything complicated. I just want them to know that while, yes. We may have intercourse as often as rabbits, the things that you do are far more stimulating for me than a female rabbit. 
I’m pretty sure they already know that, Cas. When people use the saying, they generally are referring to how often rabbits have fuck though, not how dull it is or how quick it is.
Well I apologize for giving you a compliment then. 
-Smacks his palm to his forehead and drags his hand slowly down his face.- Thanks for the compliment, Cas.
-Looks at Dean suspiciously.- You’re welcome… 
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-Stares at her with wide eyes, then looks at Dean, then back at her.- 
-Stares for a rather long time at her.- … What, because they dig me and Cas together? No, I didn’t bend over for the fangirls. Now who the fuck are you?
-Blinks, looking back at Dean again.- She is you from an alternate universe… 
-… Furrows his brow a little.- … You know, because I’ve seen this kind of shit before, I don’t doubt it. -Looks down at her, brows arched a bit.- … But fuck, if I were a chick, I’d be hot. 
-Frowns and looks at her again, then back to Dean.- Yes. You would be. 
-Laughs a bit, scratching the back of his head.- Now I gotta know what you’d look like as a chick though. 
-Furrows his brow.- Why…? I am sure that this woman has her own version of me… 
-Shrugs.- Why not? I mean, I’ve now officially seen myself as a chick. What about Sammy and you? I can be curious.
-Blinks again.- I suppose. Well, either way, I’m sure if she has found us that her sister and the female version of myself will be interested to meet us. 
-Rubs his chin, looking up.- Never thought I’d see the day where I meet the female me. 
Neither did I. 
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-Frowns.- That sounds much like the equivalent of jail in Heaven…I don’t like it. 
Home-what? Seriously, what the hell is up with all this shit these days? No, obviously we haven’t.
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I thought we had been over this before…If our url were to say something similar to that it would be ‘Dean is fucking Cas’. 
Yeah, so get off your lazy ass and go look at the initial post.
You don’t have to be so rude, Dean… 
-Rolls his eyes.- My bad.
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(We had another question like this, but Dean’s an idiot and accidentally deleted it.) 
I have been to most points in the past that are worth mentioning considering that I have been alive for such a long period of time. And I could visit any point in the future provided that I have enough power. I simply have no interest. 
-Leans on his fist, giving a bored look.- I don’t think I’d want to go through and relive something. That sounds like some sort of Doctor Who bullshit. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that show? It’s fucking awesome. But reliving something that’s already happened without being able to alter it in the least bit? Yeah, boring. Why relive through the same thing twice?
…Doctor Who? 
-Looks up.- Yeah, Doctor Who.
As in The Doctor? The Time Lord?
-Blinks slowly.- … You watch T.V., Cas?
-Furrows his brow- Yes, but I don’t see how this is relevant to The Doctor… 
-Arches a brow.- … Are you trying to tell me something? Because Doctor Who is a show but you got this… uh… “Bewildered” look on your face since I brought it up….
-Looks at Dean very seriously.- Doctor Who is a show? The Doctor never mentioned that… 
-Okay, it’s his turn to look bewildered.- … Wait… you’ve met the Doctor? He’s real? Holy fucking shit…
-Looks at Dean with slight concern.- Yes… 
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A dog. Plain and simple, one of the most loyal fuckin’ things on the planet. But I don’t know what kind… 
I already have one.
-Arches a brow but doesn’t say shit because he’s figuring it’s Zeppy.-
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… What kind of things… Wait… I gotta think about this one for a minute, think about the specific things that make me think of Cas…
Most things remind me of Dean. My day to day life that involves humans…everything I learned about humans I learned from either him or Sam.
-Leans back slightly, his hands behind his head, looking up.- The fluttering of bird wings particularly. When I hear them, I think it’s him, even when I know it’s not.
-Gives Dean a small smile and then  furrows his brow thoughtfully.- Freckles. When I see another human or vessel with freckles they make me think of Dean’s. 
-When he catches the smile, he winks at Cas, looking up again.- Water, too. Dark water, generally. Just blue enough? Like his eyes.
-Flushes a little bit at the wink, visibly flustered and looks away from Dean.- Grass as well. The fake kind. It looks like his eyes.
-Chuckles softly.- What, are we getting competitive over this? -Rubs the back of his head slowly.- If that’s the case, his hair reminds me of a dog’s fur with how soft it is. Even though he doesn’t sleep, when he lays with me, I find myself playing with his hair often.
-Tilts his head to the side slightly.- I was not…Dogs in general. Particularly puppies. Because they’re hyper and have trouble focusing on one thing but manage to make it endearing. 
-Quirks a brow, sitting up and leaning on his fist.- Puppies? I can deal with that. Though I can’t really think about an animal that makes me think of Cas aside from birds… -Scratches the wing of his nose.- I suppose cats though. Even if I don’t like them, -entirely avoids bringing up that he’s just popping a lot of Benedryl to keep himself from dying around the fucking things.- I’m working on getting used to them because of Zeppy.
-Gives Dean a smile big enough to be like a grin from Castiel and shifts closer to him, pressing a soft kiss to his neck.- 
-Smirks and wraps an arm around Cas, nuzzling his forehead before pressing a kiss to it.- I love you, too.
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